Hunting During Cold Temperatures

Temps are dropping and the whitetail woods are heating up for the November rut. Here’s how you can stay in the stand longer on those crucial days.

The canopy’s and undergrowth all across the Midwest are no longer lush with fresh, green growth, and the mosquitos have died and gone away until the spring. The temperature is starting to dip into the 20’s at night. You’ve busted out and prepared your cold weather gear for the next few weeks of hard hunting. The woods are starting to become a place of priority as the pattern of whitetail bucks all across the region turns into a sporadic frenzy of sightings, accompanied by the most aggressive calling you’ll do all season.

This is the rut folks, the best of the best, in most bow hunters eyes. You may be excited for the opportunity to have a chance to take on that buck during a mid day hunt with the vacation time you’ve saved up at work. Like most of us, you want to maximize your time in the field. Drastic cold fronts, high winds, and the good possibility of snow can help the deer get on their feet. However, a good majority of “fair weather hunters” will choose to sleep in and have another cup of coffee at camp on those nasty cold days.

With new advancements in gear available to hunters (especially archery hunters) that can help you be more comfortable in the stand or blind, dramatically increasing the odds in your favor. If you’re like me, your hands are the first thing to get cold and stiff when out and about toting your bow. You know how hard it can be to shoot comfortably with accuracy wearing a pair of big bulky, insulated gloves. Better The Hunt has developed some great products to help with those cold fingers and bow risers that can send you back to the cabin during the action. I’ve used them for the past 3 years now and I must say, it changed the way I used to shiver with distaste at the thought of an all day sit in the blistering winds coming across the ag fields here in Ohio.

The Insulated Bow Mitt is one of the best tools in my arsenal now and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. It’s a universal fit on all bows and it works without issue. With the addition of a small hand warmer, those cold risers and grips turn into a thing of beauty. It’s has allowed me to keep ahold of my bow for a longer period of time in those “do or die” moments. Right when your target buck is hung up behind that brush pile, or just out of your effective range. It’s simply a thing of beauty.

Kyle Thompson better the Hunt insulates bow mitt

Along with the Insulated Bow Mitt, Randy Stoppenhagen (Better The Hunt founder) has came up with the Multi Mitt. Together, these products make a combination of comfort and ease almost unattainable with the use of gloves for this time of year. Comparable to a pouch, you strap your release on and slide it over your hand. It allows you to have a warm hand hidden from the elements, and with a moments notice, drop it down to free your release and you’re ready to let one fly.

These products allow you to have your bow and release hand free of gloves and other materials that get you the feeling you had when you practiced all summer shooting in the back 40. Bare handed shooting is something that can be done year round ladies and gentlemen, and with Better The Hunt, it’s easier than ever.

Pro Staff: Kyle Thompson