Hunting the Cold of Canada with Next Level Hunter

I’m a pretty intense individual when it comes to my archery setups. Anyone that’s ever spent anytime with me doing setup or prepping for a hunt will tell you the same thing... the words, the thoughts that resonate a notion of “that’s good enough” are not acceptable and there are no exceptions.

I believe in being ultra-prepared and that confidence is the key to accuracy. These two aspects of bowhunting alone, are the ingredients to a recipe that will allow you to react instinctively, proficiently and deadly... they will also reduce your margin of error when that arrow doesn’t brake as clean as you had hoped.     

I don’t typically ever attach anything to my bow outside of the essentials. That said, Northern Saskatchewan in November posses some serious challenges with cold temps, blowing winds and long miserable tree stand sits.

I hunted this deer we nicknamed SLIM for three full years only to see him twice with my own eyes. A total of 406 hours in the stand in between sightings. His approach was slow and calculated making a hundred-yard march last about twenty-five minutes. It was painstaking for me and I was determined to NOT make any mistakes this time.

I'm honestly not sure if this would have happened without BETTER THE HUNTS “Bow Mitt”. A Twenty-five-minute approach in negative 20*C (-4*F) conditions with a cold metal riser sitting motionless in my hand…. NOT LIKELY without the help from the crew at Better the Hunt.

This product is the ticket for any serious cold weather bowhunter. The mitt doesn’t interfere with anything on the bow in regard to its performance. It allows you to slide your hand up against the grip of your bow no different than shooting it in the backyard during the summer months. I am very grateful for a product like this, the BOW MITT and entire crew at Better the Hunt was with me on this very exciting day………. Thanks guys


Steve Ecklund, President of Next Level Hunter & Host of the EDGE TV.