Plan for Cold Hunts

We have all done it.  

It’s the night before the big hunt and it’s time to narrow down what clothes you're bringing based on the temps you're seeing on the weather app on your phone. This can become a heated discussion with the voice in my head telling me those mid layers haven’t been washed and those overalls still have two-week old blood on them. It can be a mad scramble to line out the gear necessary for the next morning’s weather forecast. For me, the gear that gets overlooked, are gloves. I can never have enough, and I never know where they are. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve opened up the truck door at the field entrance when it dawns on me that my gloves are at home at the bottom of heap of those dirty mid layers.

Never again - and here’s why.

The Better the Hunt Insulated Bow Mitt. What I need to keep my hands warm I never lose track of. Because it’s on my bow. The Better the Hunt Insulated Bow Mitt easily connects around the riser of my bow and doesn’t affect my grip. With three easy buckles and the optional eyelet to connect against my riser I am good to go. I’m not rummaging through my truck and swearing at my backpack because I think it ate my gloves. 

Hunt the way you practice.

As August gives way to September we all start ramping up the practice sessions. In June it wouldn’t take but a dozen shots for me to tire out and have my form to go to crap. But now I’m in full bowhunter mode. My practice sessions aren’t about getting tired they become about building confidence in my ability and wearing out a path through my yard to and from the target. 

That confidence is built around the connection between me and the bow. How I hold the bow, what it feels like in my hands at full draw, the vibration my body and mind respond to as the bow goes off. I become incredibly in tune with the process of shooting my bow. But then hunting season would come, I put gloves on, and it all seems for nothing. The feel was gone. It was like I put noise cancelling headphones on. I could see your mouth moving I just didn’t know what you were saying. 

The Better the Hunt Insulated Bow Mitt has allowed me to hunt the way I practice. No matter what time of year it is the bow in my hand feels the same. All the hours spent practicing do pay off because on a cold November day it feels like July inside the Bow Mitt.  

No more banana fingers.

We all know the feeling when your hands get so cold, they go numb and start to feel like they’re growing. You try to make a fist and feels like you’ve got bananas for fingers. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The Better the Hunt Insulated Bow Mitt and Multi Mitt have allowed me to keep both my hands warm on the coldest of days. I struggle with bad circulation and in the past cold hands have just become a part of what a day in the woods had become. But now I can slip my left hand in the bow mitt and right hand in the multi mitt and be good to go. I used to think I should have bought stock in a hand warmer company but now I couldn’t tell you the last time I ripped open a pack.

Kiss those gloves goodbye and never worry about cold hands again.

I spend more hours in a treestand in the fall that I can keep track of. Hours turn into days which bleed into weeks. All that time spent in hopes of a few magical seconds that can make my season come together. The Better the Hunt Insulated Bow Mitt and Multi Mitt has allowed me to stay hunt ready for when the moment of truth presents itself. In the past, cold hands became a distraction. It pulled my focus away from the task at hand.  

All things when bowhunting are variables. And we are in the game of trying to eliminate as many variables as possible. The weather, the wind, the cold. It all plays a part. I would find myself at full draw thinking about my grip and fingers and feel and not concentrating on my mark and mannerisms of the prey I was after. 

The Better the Hunt Insulated Mitts have allowed me to stay ready when it really counts. My hands are a non-issue now. I can sit on stand longer, hunt harder, and be more locked in. The Better the Hunt Mitts have translated into me being more successful. It comes down to the “don’t and won’t”. 

I don’t have cold hands and I won’t hunt without the Better the Hunt Insulated Mitts.

Pro Staff: Matthew B.