Installation & FAQs

How do I install my mitt? 

What is the pocket for inside the Mitt? 

  • This is a handwarmer pocket for extra heat in bitter cold or for those with poor circulation.

What fabric are the Mitts made of?

  • Our Mitts are equipped with wind blocking technology, superior water resistance and carries 200 grams of 3M Thinsulate™ Insulation. The internal mesh wicks away moisture. They are machine washable, air dry or tumble low heat.

Are these Mitts waterproof?

  • The Bow Mitt is water resistant up to 7-8 hours in the rain. All other mitts are 100% waterproof. 

Which Bow Mitt should I buy if I am right/left handed?

  • We identify as either a right hand or left hand shooter. If you are a RH shooter you order a RH Bow Mitt. LH shooter orders a LH Bow Mitt. Watch for more. 

Are the Mitts specific for right handed or left handed people? 

  • The Bow Mitt comes in left or right hand. All other Mitts are ambidextrous.

What is the strap for on the Rifle Mitt?

  • It is a removable, military 3rd point Anchor sling. Watch for more.