"I'm on my second season with my bow mitt and it is the BEST.  I don't wear gloves when I hunt, I never have.  I had been looking for something to solve the problem of having a cold bow grip and no glove when the temperature drops.  When I first saw it I was skeptical but it didn't take long to realize that this mitt was the answer I was looking for.  I don't hunt without it!"  - Matthew M.

"I've been using their products and they are a must have for us up here in Canada.  I've wanted something like this for years and was excited when I saw what they've done and created.  Love these!" - Matt Depeel

"Great fit and easy instructions.  No problems shooting my bow either!" - David Baker

"There are a lot of innovative products on the market, but this is definitely one of my favorites!!  I don't like wearing gloves while hunting, preferring direct contact with my weapon, but in the cold Northeast during hunting season it can be almost impossible to wait on a deer coming in without my fingers completely numb.  The Better the Hunt mitts are the perfect solution, allowing me complete control and contact with my weapon but insulating my hand comfortably so I can make the perfect shot." - Kristen Thomson

"Amazing products and even better people standing behind the products! The bow mitt has changed the way we hunt in cold weather conditions, making our time more effective and productive, while keeping us focused on hunting!! Thanks for such a game changing product!" -  Chad Faulkner

"Very impressed with the insulated bow mitt.  BTH turned my opinion of hating gloves while bow hunting to loving the mitt and not wanting to shoot without it.  The mitt is super warm, extremely comfortable and very impressive on how well it adjusts and fits every shooting style out there.  Don't forget the customer service their team shows is amazing" - Alec Moncini

"Absolutely amazing product the mitt keeps my bow hand warm doesn't affect grip any.  Will definitely keep me in the stand longer on cold days"  - Mitch Distel

"This make the hunt that much more enjoyable.  No more cold riser grip when the shot counts!" - Daniel Adkins